Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Possible Photos i could have used. But didnt.

Originally i thought about using this high angle close up as my main photograph on my front cover. However after finishing the page, i decided that in producing a rock magazine, people will want to see who is playing the guitar. The mise en scene of the photo is incorrect for the genre of music i am representing. For instance a metal artist won't be wearing a light blue t -shirt.

My next thought was to use this high angle long shot, as after i had manipulated the lighting, and shape it was almost perfect. However it still had one problem; there was only one person in the shot when i was wanting to

produce an article about a new band.

Here is another image i did not use. This would have been the image i would have used if it had of had been taken in better lighting conditions. As the colours of the blacks and greys looked "washed out" when i had cut it out and placed it around the other images i have used on my front cover.

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