Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Again the front cover follows the conventions of a typical magazine page: the four colours and the three fonts used to keep the page consistent. All the colours used on the page look neutral. However if we look at them individually, and where they are positioned on the page in terms of the where they are in contrast with the pictures, we can see that they have used red to advertise the Taste of Chaos tour at the bottom left hand corner of the page. They have done this as the colour red can be associated with violence, chaos and death. The title of the article looks as though it has been written over blood, so as the tour had metal bands on it, this was a good idea to use red, as this gives the connotations of the metal genre and danger.
Pink is the most dominate colour that is used there, as it goes well with the little bit of yellow they use. They alternate between yellow, pink and white to advertise the feature article, this is so it is easy for the reader to read the different artists they have mentioned, so if they like a couple of them they will hopefully buy a copy of the magazine. They say “and more” to try to get you to hint at you to buy the magazine as they “…” is inviting you to turn the page and take a look at what else is in the issue. I would say that it is also used to try to get girls to buy this magazine as it has only men on it. The title of the article of the article makes it sound personal as it says, “rock stars that changed your world”. The word “your” is an attempt to try to make it seem as though the bands are personal to you. Again this is to try to get you to buy it. To add to the fact that this is their main article, the page is covered with popular, well known rock faces not just the ones that have just came about, but ones that have been around for a little while too.
The font they have used for the title of the magazine stays the same in every issue, and it helps represent how rock music should be played- loudly, as it looks as though it is shattering because it is so loud. This is reinforced by the fact that the slogan, “life is load” is right next to it. This makes it sound as though life should have rock music in it.
Even though all the colours they have used look neutral, they make the cover feel cold looking especially when the man on the bottom corner looks pale, and the man on the top left hand corner is in black and white, along with the person on the bottom right. This could also be a reflection on the genre of music they play.
Just like the other Kerrang! magazines the masthead is covered, this is due to the fact the it is a well known magazine with it’s audience. We can tell that it is aimed at teenagers aged 14-19 because of the bands on it, as they all are rock, punk or screamy metal. However, it could be argued that this issue is trying to draw more readers in as it mentions Kurt Cobain, and Slash, who we all know were in big name rock band in the past decade or so, but to keep its regular readers happy as it talks about the tours, and has people from the big bands today. And to advertise this, they have a picture of Billie Joe Armstrong who was a big name in the 90s in his band Greenday and still is today.
Another point to make about how they want to draw the audience in is the fact they have the only ever interview with “Tool” in about the new album.