Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Photos i have used, and how i manipulated them.

Here are the images you will see in my final copy of my magazine. I will now explain how i managed to get the image looked the way it does.

This is the image i finally decided on using for the main image on my front cover. As you are able to see, the image looks very different on the front cover to what it looks likes without any manipulations. In order for us to get the correct lighting conditions, we had to take the photo outside. To make it easier for me when i cutting it out on Photoshop, we placed blue boards behind use, so i could use the Magic Wand tool to take away the areas of blue quicker. To remove the areas of the image i did not need, i had to zoom right in, and use a rubber on a small scale in order to get the best looking cut possible. Once i had done this, i transferred it on to Photoshop, which looked like this. This image used in the background is one i had taken at a concert. I desaturated the colour levels, to make it look black and white. I wanted to use a colour image with a black and white image to give connotations of a hard yet successful lifestyle. The black and white being the doom and gloom times of thier lives. And the colour image being the fun, happy times of their lives. Although the black and white image is of a concert, it reflects the hard times they've had, as touring is apparently a really stressful time for musicians.

Possible Photos i could have used. But didnt.

Originally i thought about using this high angle close up as my main photograph on my front cover. However after finishing the page, i decided that in producing a rock magazine, people will want to see who is playing the guitar. The mise en scene of the photo is incorrect for the genre of music i am representing. For instance a metal artist won't be wearing a light blue t -shirt.

My next thought was to use this high angle long shot, as after i had manipulated the lighting, and shape it was almost perfect. However it still had one problem; there was only one person in the shot when i was wanting to

produce an article about a new band.

Here is another image i did not use. This would have been the image i would have used if it had of had been taken in better lighting conditions. As the colours of the blacks and greys looked "washed out" when i had cut it out and placed it around the other images i have used on my front cover.

Monday, 20 April 2009

contents page. Work in progress

After looking at mountains of contents pages to have as a style model, i finally found a double page spread, that looks suitable to show to my target audience. The colours are fairly simple, white has been used as it keeps a balance between the reds and blacks on the page. It has been divided into different headings to help the reader understand what is going on on the page, and makes it much simpler to read through.

second half of the article. Got a little more to do on it.

This is the second double page spread of my feature article. I havent used lots of images on it as i dont feel the need to, as the page has lots going on in it to start with, and the images that have been used are enough to keep the readers interested. However it would have been good if i had a group photo of the whole band together, rather than having different faces on different images. I feel i have kept the rest of the layout fairly simple and easy to read.

Friday, 17 April 2009

When i was creating my first pages of my article, i knew i wanted to have an image of a concert with a photo of the band infront. However the orginal lighting in the image made the photograph of the my band look unrealistic, as the lighting of that photo was not the way i wanted it even when i changed the options around. Another point would have been that it you would not be able to see the text that went with the page.

As i thought that this idea wasnt the best it could possibly be, i decided to use another image of a concert, changed the brightness of it, however unlike the previous idea, i split the page in two. Having half white (to make the text easier to read) and the other half as the image from the concert. This worked well with the image of my band, as it looks more like they are there. A second advantage of having it this way would be the fact that " Baptism By Fire" was able to be a darker colour, and was contrasted with the lighter, better colours of the images on the rest of the page. It is also more noticable to the reader, so it takes less to find the article if they had not used the the contents page.