Thursday, 6 November 2008

Results of Questionaire.

I printed off twenty of my questionaires and handed them out. The Results are :

1/ How often do you buy a magazine?

2/ How much are you willing to spend on your magazine?

3/ What genre of music do you like the most?

4/ What stories are more likely to pursaude you to buy the magazine?
New bands

5/ What colours do you think would look the best?
Black, White and Red.

6/ How do you listen to your music?

Note: Due to technical difficulties on Survey Monkey, i was unable to put another question on that involves the use of Photoshop.

The question was:

Which font/ colours look the best.

The results were:
For the masthead of the magazine: The second option.
For the title of the band : The second option too.
Thanks to everyone who took part in my questionaire.