Friday, 1 May 2009

Analysis of Kerrang! article page

The page follows the typical conventions of magazines, such as having all the text in columns. And by the use of three colours throughout the page to add to the idea of the page being consistent and easy for the audience to read. We can tell by the colours that they have used, that the magazine is aimed at a more gothic girly audience in the age group of 14- 17 year olds. Also the woman that is used on the second page looks lost and isolated, due to the fact the image is in black and white, and the white background looks as though it’s trapping her. The woman looks uncertain, and lost because of this.
The font looks like old fashioned hand writing, and with there being several copies of the text surrounding the main text (which is dark red) gives the connotations of it being lost, which reflect the idea of the woman being lost.

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