Monday, 16 March 2009

When we look at the Kerrang! Front cover, we notice one thing at first glance; the main picture of the band. Because the title is giving the impression that they are one of the most dangerous, they show this by the mise en scene they have used in the photograph. The man in the centre of the photo, seems to be the hardest, by the way he holding the chain, and by the fact that he is wearing glasses, give the connotation that he is hiding some thing from the audience. The rest of them are all wearing black, to fit the part of the “hard man” look as well, with all of them showing off either tattoos, our piercings, and all of them are also covering their faces in some way again, giving the connotation of them being hard and dangerous. After the text, “sex. Drugs. Violence”, the three holes through his gloves give the connotation that there is more to tell as it looks as though its leading the way to the rest of the article.
Kerrang! have also used the same four colours throughout the page, to make it consistent. They have only used two different fonts as well, one for the mast head, which is covered by the band. And one for the articles that they have in the magazine. They can afford to cover the mast head as they are a well known magazine and their target audience are well aware of what they put in their magazine and what the normal characteristics of the magazine are like.
Just in case the main article doesn’t draw the potential buyer in, they have also highlighted what else is in the magazine. However the font size in significantly lower than the size used for the main article, however they have made the band names bigger the writing telling us what the articles are about. As well they also have a free giveaway advertised, and at the bottom they have a “PLUS” which stands out from the rest of the articles as well, just for one last attempt to pull the reader in.
At the top of the page the word “mega” implies that the tour is going to be big and every one should go and see the bands that are playing. It also relates to the rock – metal theme they have going on throughout the page. As well for all the Avenged Sevenfold fans they have put a website with one of their song names as the websites address, so that once they have read the article they can go check that out.
We are able to tell the target audience for the magazine as it is produced to look more of a tabloid magazine, not an older more mature specialist magazine.

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